Backgammon: Frequently Asked Questions

Backgammon is a game that can be played with two players. If you are a backgammon enthusiast, and you have questions in mind regarding the game, you might want to read below. This article might help answer some of your questions regarding the game of backgammon.

1) What equipment is used in a backgammon game? In the game of backgammon, the first thing that the players will need is the backgammon board. Second is thirty pieces of checkers, that are divided into two different colors. They will also need one to two dice cups, and a doubling cube.

2) What is the basic objective of the game of backgammon? The player's main objective in the game of backgammon is to have each of the other player's checkers from the board and to collect all of these checkers. The first player who acquires all the checkers from the board is the winner of the game.

3) What are backgammon and gammon? The player who pulls off the entire fifteen of their checkers is considered to be the winner in the "gammon", by doing so before the other player had the chance to bear any of their own checkers. While on the "backgammon" (also known as the triple game), the player bears the entire fifteen of his own checkers, before the other opponent has borne any.

4) What is the meaning of the bar in the backgammon? The bar in the backgammon is called the raised ridge, which is located in the middle of the board. This bar divides both the inner and the outer table. The hit checkers are the ones that are placed on the bar.

5) What about the Inner part and the Outer part of the backgammon table? The board of backgammon can be divided in half; these two halves are then called the outer table and the inner table.

6) Who, between two players, will go first? The players decide on who opens the game by rolling their own dice. The player who rolls the highest number on the dice will go first. If there's a tie, they will roll the dice again.

7) What is the doubling cube in the game of backgammon? In backgammon there is a cubical block used; the size is bigger than dice. This is called the doubling cube; it has the numbers two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two and sixty-four. The doubling cube can let the player set a wager on the game while they are playing.


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