Important Online Black Jack Tips to Remember

Granted, online black jack is said to be the easiest casino game to win. But even so, why do so many online black jack players keep on losing then?

That’s because they still don’t know enough strategies about online blackjack. Most online black jack players only care about is going for 21 – nothing more and nothing less. But that’s not enough if you wish to profit from online black jack.

So pay attention to the online blackjack tips in this article to ensure that you’ll finally have a profitable career.

21 may be the magic number when playing online black jack but it’s a number that doesn’t appear frequently so don’t pin all your hopes on it. Instead, when playing online black jack, always aim for 17 – at the very least. Anything higher is better but you must never tolerate anything lower.

Splitting is an option that online black jack dealers allow you to take when your first two cards form a pair. In splitting, you divide your cards into two separate hands. You must then place equal bets on each online black jack hand.

There are specific circumstances in which splitting your online blackjack hand is absolutely necessary:

Aces – Always split them even if it means the online blackjack dealer is only going to allow you to draw just one card for each hand.

Eights– Okay, a pair of 8’s may total 16 – just 5 points away from the perfect score – but it’s still mathematically better if you separate them into two online black jack hands.

On the other hand, never ever split your online black jack hand into two in the following circumstances:

Tens – That totals 20. You’re safe!

Fives – Instead of taking advantage of the online black jack dealer’s offer to split your cards, you should double down instead.

Not all online black jack rooms or tables allow their players to surrender. Surrender is the online black jack table’s equivalent term for poker’s fold – so yes, that means giving up your hand if you believe it’s worthless. When you surrender, you only get to lose half of your bet.

It’s good to surrender even when holding cards totaling 16 (as long as it’s not made up of 8’s) if the online black jack dealer’s face up card is high.

Always play online blackjack variations that use the least number of decks.

And that’s it! We hope you feel you’re now a better online blackjack player than before with what you’ve learned from our article. Good luck playing!

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