Online Craps vs. Land-based Craps

Which do you think is better, online craps or land-based craps?

The Level of Difficulty

We believe that the level of difficulty is higher in online craps vs. land-based because there’s absolutely no chance of anyone committing a mistake that would translate to the player’s advantage since online craps is fully digitally controlled.

The Level of Distraction

In this case, online craps is better than land-based because there’s no free flow of liquor and other material distractions. With online craps, you can easily focus on the game and win at the online craps table.

When you’re playing the counterpart of online craps, it’s difficult as well to concentrate on the game when the formally garbed dealers and your fellow players are staring at you intently as you throw the dice. But of course, you don’t have to worry about that when you play online craps!

In online craps, it’s always about you and the game only. No one will make you feel self-conscious or intimidated when playing online craps.

The Level of Excitement

It’s hard to say which is better in this case. While you can hear the hoots and calls of the people around you in land based craps, that level of excitement can be easily matched by that of online craps since most online craps site can simulate that excitement and give online craps players the chance to undergo a uniquely enjoyable online craps experience.

The Level of Comfort

True, there’s no free flow of liquor when you’re playing online craps at home but if you do play online craps at the comfort of your home, you can wear what you want, bring what you wish with you and even eat while playing! Can the counterpart of online craps do the same for you?


There are no free games in land-based casinos but almost all Internet casinos offer free online craps games to the players. Sometimes, you don’t even need to sign up in order to play those free online craps games. If you’re broke, online craps is definitely the choice to make!

The Availability of Resources

When playing the counterpart of online craps, you can’t very well consult your guidebook while playing the game. But with online craps, the Internet casinos wouldn’t see or even care that you’ve got about a zillion windows open to help you win!

What’s the Verdict?

It’s undeniable that playing the game in land-based casinos can be a lot of fun. It can be terribly expensive however. So we suggest that you play online craps most of the time and simply play in land-based casinos when you have a lot of extra money to spare.


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