Massachusetts Casinos: Variety at its Best

The state of Massachusetts is a small state with a big online gambling casinos population. Having a headcount of more than 6 million people living in the state, there are surely many reasons why these people are very proud to be in Massachusetts; accent and all. With Boston as its capital, Massachusetts is definitely big in entertainment and everything in between as well.

The many entertainment options found in Massachusetts, casinos have definitely made a mark on its position in the industry. Massachusetts has quite a number of casinos operating throughout the state. Almost all of these casinos feature horse racing as the main event, but certainly there are a lot more gambling games found in these casinos.

The Casinos

The Horizon’s Edge Casino Cruises situated in the city of Lynn is one of the well-known casinos in Massachusetts. It has a Vegas-style character that certainly appeals to many of its guests, local and foreign alike. The Horizon’s Edge boasts of its 170-plus slot machines, the many table and card games such as poker, roulette and blackjack, and a host of various entertainments. This casino will surely get the attention of anyone who visits the state but wants to feel the allure and the glitter of Las Vegas.

For a more laid-back selection of casinos, there is the Atlantic Casino Cruises found in the state’s fishing village of Gloucester, Suffolk Downs in Boston, and the Plainridge Racecourse in Plainville. The more prominent features of these casinos are the live races and the video lottery machines.

These casinos are a great reflection of the state of Massachusetts character; calm, down to earth and more laid back. The flash and glitter of the Horizon’s Edge is far too different from these casinos since their targets are mostly the local folks. The games and services from these casinos operate in accordance to the governing laws of gaming.

The Greyound Parks

Another gambling attraction in Massachusetts is the greyhound parks. The Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park in Raynham and the Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere are famous for their heart-pounding dog races. These parks also offer other features such as musical entertainment, dining, accommodations and much more. It truly is a diversified experience all under one venue.

The state of Massachusetts may not be as famous as Las Vegas for its casinos, but the many establishments that spell entertainment, fun and excitement have surely put this state at the charts. There is more to Massachusetts than just the obvious. It is a great place that offers something for everyone.


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