Gambling in Monte Carlo

The City By The Riviera

The city of Monte Carlo is sprawling with beautiful bays and port areas that attract many visitors every year. This small city in Monaco sits alongside of the French Riviera.

The history of Monte Carlo largely mentions the casinos in the vicinity. The first casino named Casino de Monte Carlo was established in the mid 1800’s. The casino is architecturally designed in the Belle Époque style that delights the taste of the upper-class Europeans. The magnificence of the Casino de Monte Carlo was to invite and entice the opulent guests.

The Casinos

The Sun Casino, built in 1975, is just as magnificent as the Casino de Monte Carlo. The main attraction and turn-on in this casino is to seduce gamblers who love to play American gambling games.

The most modern casino is The Sporting. It was built in the 1990’s and it offers both the best European and American gambling games. The Sporting also has a very modern and hip setting.

For a more private casino games, the Café de Paris is the best place. Formerly called Café Diwan, the interiors of the café adapted the style of Art Deco, as popularized in the 1930’s. Majority of the gambling games in the casinos of Monte Carlo are classic European games like Chermin de Fer, which is the European version of baccarat, Punto Blanco, European roulette, Banque a deux Tableaux and Trente et Quarante.

Monte Carlo Today

Monte Carlo knows how to keep up with the modern and advanced casinos. Modern slot machines were added attractions and today the most state of the art slot machines are housed in the casinos of Monte Carlo.

Today, gambling may have little contributions in boosting the economy of Monte Carlo, but there was a certain point that it brought most businesses and sources of revenue. The main reason why casinos were established is that these are major attractions for tourism.

The gambling businesses of today are already privatized and the principality does not receive any revenue at all, but it still has an influence on the economy. Casinos, hotels and resorts in Monte Carlo all have the same objective which is to attract the rich and famous and the high-rollers who have the money to spend.

Tourism is the main attraction in Monaco and it has become the haven for weary, wealthy businessmen and celebrities. In the city of Monte Carlo alone, thousands of visitors congregate to experience the grandeur and allure of the many sites and sounds of the city.


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